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Consulting Service
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Genesis Solution Objectives - Utilize advanced technologies and extensive industry experience to provide IT consulting services, and plan solutions with commercial value and investment benefit for customers, thereby achieving win-win and growth with customers.

Genesis Solution Team has accumulated extensive cross-field and industrial knowledge and is able to provide enterprise customers ICT new knowledge and market trend. Through seminar sharing, technical consulting service, IT annual budget planning, project detailed design, system online optimization recommendations, software version upgrade recommendations, etc., we are able to provide diverse services to customers.
Online or Offline Seminars(Webinar, Workshop)
We utilize physical meeting or network platform to provide all customers of Genesis the latest information of all brands, ICT industry trend, application case example sharing from customers in various industries.
Concept and Value Verification (PoC, PoV)
We perform Proof of Concept, Proof of Value on customer demands, thereby allowing the IT department of customers to have confidence in proposing solutions with commercial value.

The verification services provided by us includeSD-WAN, Securityunction verification, communication cooperating user experience (UC User Experience),WiFi application integrated testing (WiFi for OA and Fab.),EDA/CAD/CAMhigh-performance computation verification.
Consulting Service(Consulting)
Provide product function consultation, system architecture feasibility consultation, industry benchmark case example best practice:
  • Multi-Cloud Architecture Strategy
    For corporations, we implement multi-cloud solutions along with architecture planning and consulting services, such as recommendations on public cloud supplier selection, appropriate services for transfer to the cloud, hybrid multi-cloud environment enterprise data governance and network information security best practices.

  • Cloud Communication Cooperating Platform
    Remote and cross-field cooperation have become the new common working model. It is important to integrate corporate’s existing voice and video conference system with the cloud communication solution, thereby improving employee communication efficiency. We provide consulting services for various brands, including integrating IP/PBX with Microsoft Teams; Teams integrated with Cisco IPPBX or Genesis vCS; WebEx integrated with Cisco video conference system.
Planning Service(Planning/Budgeting)
Based on the industrial application, we assist corporations in establishing ICT strategies and blueprints, planning the solution implementation method and procedure, performing budget estimation, and arranging implementation schedules.

We provide cross-industry and multi-field planning service, including  smart factory for manufacturing industry, multi-cloud integrated application service, software defined wide area network (SD-WAN)edge to cloud information security, remote secure working platform, multi-cloud platform management, information technology service management (ITSM), modern enterprise application programs, cloud wired and wireless networks, core system fundamental architecture.
Detailed Design Service(Low-level Design Service)
Apart from the High Level Proposal method adopted in the industry, we combine our practical experience with the internal cross-team resources in order to provide customized and detailed design service according to the attribute of the industry and application scenario of our customers, thereby ensuring the project implementation quality and conforming with the expected schedule.

The detailed design service includes application scenario analysis, system architecture design, solution integration verification, system function and commercial expected benefit analysis, system implementation practical detail planning, project schedule, and manpower resource plan. After the system is online at the customer end, we also provide the operation maintenance management mechanism and post-online user experience and optimization adjustment recommendations.