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Employee Welfare
  • Employee mobile phone allowance, rewards and incentives to outstanding employees and long-term service employees.
  • All employees are entitled to labor insurance, health insurance, group insurance paid in full amount by the Company, periodic health examination free of charge, and beneficial group insurance for parents and children.
  • Year-end bonus and performance bonus, professional license incentive.
  • Establishment of Employee Welfare Committee according to the laws. The Company appropriates employee welfare fund to the Employee Welfare Committee for organizing various employee welfare activities, such as: three-holiday gift vouchers, birthday gift voucher, group travel activity, movie ticket, maternity allowance, marriage cash gift and funeral condolence money, social club activities, year-end party and lottery, etc.
  • Family day activity organized annually.
  • Leave system superior to the regulations of Labor Standards Act.
  • Employee stock option and employee shareholding trust.
Retirement System
The Company stipulates the Employee Retirement Regulations, and Retirement Reserve Fund Supervisory Committee is also established, which covers all official employees, and the Labor Standards Act protects employees. In addition, employee pension payment is handled in accordance with relevant regulations of the “Labor Standards Act.”
Since July 1, 2005, in accordance with the implementation of the “Labor Pension Act” (referred to as the “Act”), the Company announces that for the seniority of employees under the original retirement regulations choosing to apply the new system or for the seniority of employees reporting to work after the implementation of the new system, the defined contribution plan is to be applied and adopted.
Concerning the pension appropriated under such defined contribution plan, the Company makes appropriation based on the appropriate rate of 6% of the monthly wage of employees into the labor pension personal account of the Bureau of Labor Insurance according to the “Labor Pension Act,” and the appropriation amount is listed as the expense of the current month.
Employee Protection Measures
The Company belongs to the information service industry and has no production factories but office buildings for office works. Accordingly, the safety of the office building leased or purchased is considered the highest priority. In addition to providing a safe and comfortable working environment, the Company also provides the following safety protective measures:
  • The lobby on the first floor of the office building is staffed with a security guard to control personnel access. In addition, the Company also signed a contract with a security company to monitor any abnormal conditions during non-working hours of the office.
  • The office is installed with equipment of fire sprinkling facility and dry powder fire extinguishers. In addition, a fire drill is also implemented according to the building management requirements.
  • Operation Service Division-Service Department regularly and irregularly patrols the safety protective facilities of the Company.
  • Promote safety and health education to employees periodically.
  • Implement periodic employee physical examinations, and remind employees to be aware of one’s own health condition.
  • Encourage engineers to obtain relevant labor safety licenses.
  • Office lighting adopts LED lighting fixtures of high performance, long lifetime and low power consumption. It is more energy-saving than conventional incandescent lamps, lighting is more comfortable and protective to the vision of employees using computers for a long term. In addition, the lighting fixtures are of a longer lifetime, lower attrition rate and can reduce environmental pollution.
  • The office is equipped with plastic bottles and waste recycle bins for resource recycle and reuse.
  • The office also has a breastfeeding room, creating a friendly working environment.
  • The Company establishes the sexual harassment complaint mailbox to protect workplace gender equality. The Company also specifies and promotes the Act of Gender Equality in Employment and Sexual Harassment Prevention Act related policies and measures to create a working environment of gender equality.