About us
Fundamental Service
Genesis Warranty Service
Warranty Services (GWS)
  • Provide standard installation for product and project implementation and subsequent warranty service
  • Cooperate with the product service contracts of the original manufacturers, plan manpower support service satisfying customer’s demand
  • Cooperate with the product repair process and service level of the original manufacturers
Genesis Maintenance Service
Maintenance Services (GMS)
  • Service products include information and communication products of numerous brands and diverse fields
  • Through systematic service process management, provide excellent service quality
  • Provide technical service supports of original manufacturers for all products
  • Customized service evaluation report, provide improvement solution with architecture optimization or most optimal operation maintenance
Genesis Professional Service
Professional Services (GPS)
  • Project planning and evaluation service, project construction and implementation service, project management service, optimization and after-sale maintenance service
  • Service products include Data Management, Digital Workspace, Security, SDDC, GeCloud
Genesis Outstanding Service
Optimize Service (GOS)
  • Most optimal maintenance service solution for reduction of operating cost
  • Diverse service through flexible purchase of points method
  • Service provided includes consultation, information and communication health diagnosis, troubleshooting, upgrade service, architecture adjustment, education and training
  • Service product type includes: Database, server and host machine, backup, storage, network and information security
  • Maintenance service is available as a system reinforcement service of secondary importance
Genesis Integration Service
Unify Service (GUS)
  • Provide cross-strait multi-stations, single service management window, respond to customers timely
  • Uniform dispatch of cross-strait service, shorten troubleshooting time, accelerate recovery of operation
  • Uniform issue management and major event improvement mechanism
  • Periodic cross-strait service meeting and service report
  • Service Level Assurance (SLA) and service performance analysis
  • Complete technical consultation and planning
Genesis Cooperating Service
Collaboration Services (GCS)
  • Genesis cooperates with professional teams of original manufacturers and provides professional recommendations of original manufacturers and customized service from Genesis
  • Provide resource and assistance certified by the original manufacturers, and provide consultant level of service to customers.