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Smart Service
Genesis Smart Service
Genesis Smart Service (GSS)
  • Active detection and alarm, discover potential issues, prevent the occurrence of risk
  • Equipment malfunction automatic report for repair, active response from operation maintenance center personnel
  • Portal and App instant understanding of equipment operation and health condition
  • Planning of cloud service and self-construction and deployment to salsify corporate management principles
Genesis Operation Maintenance and Hosting Service
Genesis Managed Service Plus (GMS+)
  • Provide services of daily operation maintenance, critical application monitoring, change management, service optimization, etc.
  • Implement self-developed smart service, integrate service systems and procedures
  • Ensure high reliability of corporate communication service, support uninterrupted corporate operation and high-performance IT service
Genesis Cloud Operation Maintenance Service
Cloudup! Service
  • Provide operation maintenance service after cloud implementation of corporate service, allowing corporations to focus on their core business and operating goals
  • Exclusive cloud administrator web portal, and provide service inquiry, report for repair or change and account inquiry services
  • Provide service items of Operate, Monitor, Support, Optimize according to different service packages