Software Defined Data Center

Define hardware resource utilization architecture design solution according to a corporation’s software application demands. Through complete dynamic software driving data center, the data center is able to “automatically” complete relevant deployment, which can be as simple and direct as the configuration and deployment of a new virtual machine. Pre-design a series of resource allocation policies in order to provide various fundamental facility services necessary for the new application automation. Within a few minutes or seconds, a completely new application environment can be deployed swiftly.

IT Instant Service

  • Completely visualized fundamental architecture, and eliminate hardware limitations
  • Provide resource expandability and reduce the work load
  • Integrated cloud fundamental architecture (computation, storage, network and security) and cloud
  • Uniform management service, execute enterprise application programs in private and public environments
  • Resource with lateral expandability, and provide policy defined automatic deployment, achieve fast and timely performance

Virtual Machine with Lateral Security Protection

With the software defined network (SDN) technology, construct security protection for lateral (horizontal) data transmission among virtual machines. Security policy can be finely defined for each virtual machine network card. Capable of effectively prevent lateral spread of information security events.

Data Center Extension

The corporate data center is equipped with two major layers of networks, extending to a remote data center or private cloud, achieving important service backup for the data center.

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