Enterprise Core System Optimization

Comprehensive optimized design service for enterprise critical application system, and the solution content includes the comprehensive fundamental architecture function designs of the system performance, availability, expandability, data protection and disaster recovery capacity, etc. and important system transfer and relocation related solutions.

Common Application Scenario

  • Database system platform transfer, version upgrade and optimization
  • Important system performance improvement, shorten monthly settlement time and quick market launch
  • Database backup mechanism  , uninterrupted service
  • Research and development or production data protection, disaster recovery

High-speed computing network

  • Enterprise core network (core exchange, database exchange) and equipment new construction, upgrade, replacement (10G, 25G, 40G, 100G).
  • Network visualization and management.
  • Network management Big Data analysis-AIOps network maintenance, quick recommendation on troubleshooting method and network failure remote information tracking

Software defined wide area network

  • System centralized access demand (such as SAP)
  • Planning of WAN network with cost control (heterogeneous circuit integration, reduce the cost of a direct line)
  • Optimize WAN application experience (video conference, voice, ERP etc.)
  • Optimize cloud service (SaaS) access experience

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