Security Digital Working Area

Working environment service visualization allows users to perform job duties via reliable networks and valid remote operational methods. In addition, high-end computing technology can be utilized to satisfy various work demands of enterprises while complying with enterprise information security regulations.

Secure Digital Working Area

Relatively rich solutions in the enterprise digital transformation application are integrated into a platform, which includes desktop virtualization and mobile solution issues; system network storage virtualization and optimization of intranet and extranet as well as information security issues and business opportunities, and unified endpoint management (UEM) application integration


  • Remote office trend, external connection security requirements
  • Data airborne ( information security consideration, centralized data control)
  • Public data inquiry (visitors; administrative counter; computer room)

Secure Mobile Connection

For employees on business trips outside the office, or when there is temporary external office demand due to the epidemic, an SSL VPN system can be used to construct a secure mobile connection back to the corporate headquarter to access important data and perform VDI related applications.

Employee Identity Verification

For employees accessing corporate headquarter data through intranet or externally via SSL VPN, in addition to the basic AD account and password, MFA multi-factors (one-time password, fingerprint, facial recognition, etc.) can be additionally incorporated for verification in order to improve the deficiency of account and password. Further verification to confirm that the individual logging into the account is the account owner.

Terminal Security Management

Perform security protection on employee terminal device or important systems. The use of EDR can determine potential threats in the terminal device and further isolate and eliminate such threats.

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