Information Security Fundamental Construction

NGFirewall / Network Isolation / High Performance / Virtualization Security /  Mail Security

Genesis Solutions


  • Increasing Malicious Attacks and Ransomware Threads
  • Intranet adopts open structure, and hackers can intrude laterally with ease
  • HTTPS with the encrypted flow and current information security equipment cannot perform an inspection
  • Unable to protect lateral flow on a virtual platform
  • Increasing fraud and phishing mails


  • Intranet and extranet next generation of firewall (APP,IPS,AV,URL, Sandbox)
  • Physical host machine firewall for secure isolation
  • Host machine with virtual network micro-segmentation
  • Email security protection/li>

Business outcomes

  • Advanced security physical isolation, improve intranet and extranet security
  • Blocking the spread of threats and hacker activities, reduce the scope of impact
  • Protect host machine application service, maintain corporate’s normal operation
  • Enhance mail security, prevent mail attack events

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