Malware Defense

Staged isolation / Webpage and attachment protection / Prevent C2 server redial / Terminal protection (NGAV) / Equipment compliance

Genesis Solutions


  • Information security equipment obsolete and cannot protect against hacker’s attack
  • Information security protection architecture incomplete and cannot detect broadcast of malware
  • Host machine and terminal equipment without sufficient protection capability against ransomware
  • Intranet flow with insufficient visibility and cannot analyze malicious connection behaviors


  • NGFW protection against malicious webpages and C2 redial
  • Mail security protection against phishing websites and malicious attachments
  • EDR host machine terminal detection and respond
  • NAC dynamic stopping infection and equipment risk assessment

Business outcomes

  • Network staged isolation, stopping the spread of virus outbreak
  • Intranet flow visibility to allow early discovery of hacker’s intrusion and signs
  • Enhance webpage and attachment security, block malware infection methods
  • Host machine terminal security enhancement, accelerate information security event detection and response

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