Factory Information Security Protection

Machine anti-virus / Behavior analysis / Automatic foolproof / Centralized management and analysis


  • Production line network with poor visibility, the existence of information security monitoring blind spots
  • Production line with open network design, lack of access control
  • Malicious virus spread can cause production interruption, affect production capacity
  • Machine equipment obsolete, cannot be upgraded and installed with information security software


  • Construct machine firewall, prevent lateral infection
  • Provide virtual patch, assist machine vulnerability protection
  • Provide centralized setting management, and information security event monitoring
  • Implement production line flow and abnormal behavior analysis

Business outcomes

  • Prevent virus from intruding into machine and equipment that may cause production line interruption
  • Network behavior information security analysis, discover hacker intrusion and signs early
  • Prevent and stop the spread of virus outbreak, maintain normal operation of the production line
  • Protection improvement without affecting machine performance, maintain production capacity

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