Remote Office Security

Account Management / 2FA Double Identity Verification / Password Security / Microsoft 365 Flow Recognition / Mobile Device Compliance

Genesis Solutions


  • Corporate account and personal account mixing and abused use
  • Encounter password under brutal cracking attacks
  • Fail to recognize Microsoft 365 flow and access control
  • Fail to recognize connected devices and compliance


  • Construct NGFW to recognize and control O365 flow
  • Activate Always-On VPN, and enforce flow back to the company for control
  • Construct OTP security platform to ensure account and password security
  • Perform compliance inspection on connected devices

Business outcomes

  • Secure mobile office, improve industry competitiveness
  • Secure and reliable cooperating environment, and improve work efficiency and output
  • Enhance mobile security and significantly reduce IT maintenance cost expense
  • Satisfy the compliance requirements for remote access security

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