Cloud Service Security

Cloud Service Security / SD-WAN Circuit Optimization and Cost Saving / Cloud Host Machine Protection / Cloud Firewall

Genesis Solutions


  • Circuit failure or poor quality, leading to an unsatisfactory cloud service experience
  • Protect cloud application and provide the same information security policy to the local end
  • Securely expand the private network to public cloud
  • Cloud virtual host machine protection against ransomware


  • Construct Secure SD-WAN, and provide a secure connection
  • Construct Cloud virtual firewall, and protect cloud application programs
  • Construct Web application firewall, and protect Web application services
  • Construct EDR cloud host machine terminal detection and response

Business outcomes

  • Provide secure SD-WAN network to achieve cost-savings and security
  • Ensure cloud application service transmission quality, and improve user experience
  • Protect cloud application from network attacks, and prevent service interruption
  • Achieve visibility and threat detection capability, and discover problems early

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