Corporate Cooperation

Smart Communication Digital Cooperation

Genesis Technology provides the three service models of cloud, hosting and self-construction, allowing corporates to flexibly introduce integrated communication platforms, such that employees can work at any place, communicate instantly, and solve cross-department problems so conveniently that it surpasses your imagination.

Enterprise self-built platform

  • Cisco IP Telephone Exchange and Integrated Communication
    IP-based Communication has become a mature technology, and a greater number of people and objects are involved in the data exchange and commercial application on IP network
    Cisco Unified Communications solution is an enterprise telephone exchange, and it provides not only the voice function but also greater application services:

  • Cisco Meeting Server
    Various conference systems of telephone, video conference and webpages, are integrated into one single system. The Server is able to:
    Simplify enterprise meeting structure, increase user satisfaction
    ・Internal and external personnel can use their own equipment to join the conference
    ・Support Skype for a Business user conference
    ・Support recording and integrated streaming live broadcast

  • UC Application Service Integration
    Genesis provides an integrated API/SDK interface, capable of integrating the enterprise application software of CRM, BPM, LMS, MES, etc.
    ・Web software customer service telephone
    Web online status and instant messages
    ・Video conference user service application
    ・Enterprise mobile App call service

  • Genesis VC Manager
    Conference Management Platform
    Video conference schedule management
    ・Attending personnel and group management
    ・Conference connection record
    ・Conference control
    ・Conference recording management

Cloud Subscription Communication Platform


Through a cloud conference room, the computer screen can be shared in real-time. Multi-user online discussion, communication and work from home can be as fast and instant as at a real office

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Microsoft Teams

Use Microsoft Teams to perform instant conference or communication contact. Integration with enterprise exchange extension cloud to achieve instant message transmission and convenient voice communication.

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Enterprise video conference cooperative solutions allow enterprises to save high costs in the purchase of hardware and software. Quick online connect to overcome the critical communication problem for home office.

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